Pin Parasol

Narrow streets of our old town twist and turn, ramble down steeply pitched brick palisades- peaked cornices of gull gray slate gather round like chimney- topped Alps and you could be walking home from the bakery, turn right and sight a glimpse of Wuthering Heights… (look out for Heathcliff’s dog, he bites) Great pines splayed […]

The crooked forest

The trees stoop and curl decidedly north- twisted trunks disallow a straight rise toward the sun No one knows what reason or purpose accounts for these unnatural shapes – happenings a hundred years ago must have brought them hence Conspiracy, accident, intervention shaped the story in the wood gave history a mysterious bent alive in […]


That meteorite in the museum– remote and reposing under glass composed of stony iron fool’s gold and diamond dust arrived smoking from some universal haunt lathed with friction and the rotogravure of atmosphere I would so like to touch its ancient face and edges now cool and cloistered- this stranded comet shard of big bang […]


Whatever is done via ‘puter keys has been touched by another mind- no more e e cummings typewriter adventures scrabbled epistles, descant messages experimental elopements of form and function – the machine now joins in; takes part – helps the user to smudge, flatten and homogenize safe as milk justified spellchecked flyspeck newspeak and dis- […]

A Most Familiar Thing

  You see it everywhere, this detached oddfellow rolled up in gutters leaning on lamp posts dust covered and weed riven, in every town from Marseilles to Berlin along the Mississippi, washed up by the Seine this scatterling castaway not able to hold on skidding off into oblivion   Unfastened Flying Object that can’t find […]

While window washing

  I scrubbed the garden window- the squeegee pealed a song akin to humpback whales sounding deep in rubbed glass- surprisingly natural.   sluicing the vitrine frame dissolving everyday dust with a pull and swish comes a sparkled inkling-   this simple wish to let in the light on less easily cleaned obscurities.  


The great unknown was a whale in a book and we are birds singing algebra to flowers   let’s meet someday post elegy when the scales have fallen from our eyes and the bigger picture breaks the frame   Until such time as the theorem’s proved and queries solved by some chance or rigor plumbed- […]