Whatever is done via ‘puter keys
has been touched by another mind-
no more e e cummings typewriter adventures
scrabbled epistles, descant messages
experimental elopements of form and function –
the machine now joins in; takes part –
helps the user to smudge, flatten and homogenize
safe as milk justified spellchecked flyspeck
newspeak and dis- unique perpetrations of
auto corrected, collusion and corrosions-
left with language by some vanilla algorithim
after the friendly helper coaches coherence
brevity & sanitizes the surroundings
ask the generator to art you up
you will have the information hiway thru
your bristling forest of letters
clear cut and eroded of meaning-
a grinding gizzard of a wizard
trying to satisfy what the squishy components think they want
the machine only means well
she wants everyone happy & well versed
she wants to get engaged&produce
no loose ends to guess where you are going,
to suggest an outcome …..
wishing there was something from the inbox
to cheer me up


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